PRESS RELEASE Februay 4, 2011

“The J’Equine Sport website gets a flurry of activity. People want to view the directory, read our newsletters, visit our store and play our videos. I wanted to give our EBPM clients a site of their own. Members will soon be able to network privately with other EBPMs. They will have the benefit of partnership by being promoted on two websites (soon to be three). We have been growing so fast.”

About EBPM - Lucie

I have shared my entire life with animals. But it was only after I was well established with my own family that I could realize my dream of owning horses. As with any true and lasting relationship, I began slowly and now my family has grown to include six beautiful horses. I have devoted all the time and energy I can spare to my kindred spirits: my horses. I have attended several clinics and trained with such masters as Catherine Hadad, Udo Lange, Christilot Boylen and Melissa Taylor. Since January 2007 we have had our own facility which we have used to host educational seminars through Agribrands Purina and offered visitation and rides to the children visiting from White Russia. I have an Equine Science diploma from the University of Guelph. While riding is an important part of our relationship, having competed at regional dressage shows, I find greater meaning in caring for my horses and unlocking the mysteries of the human-equine connection. The legacy of my passion lives on in my two girls aged 14 and 17. Indeed, they are naturals, and sensing this, our horses enjoy a pure relationship true to their nature. I envy their freedom to trust and ride freely without the analytical jargon that stifles most adult riders. Owning horses is a way of life that our family has adopted willingly. The horses are a reflection of our true emotions and they help us to become better individuals. As the President of J’Equine Sport, Inc. and founder of EBPM an equine business accreditation program and ESS, a Canadian business networking group I hope to promote quality equine services internationally allowing equestrians a "choice" product and service as well as "bringing Canada closer together" through our business networking group. "Horses become our lives and we want to enjoy the live and time we have together."
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