What EBPM Means

EBPM exists because every industry or community depends on trust between all of its members. We believe that the people and businesses working in the equine community are there because of a passion for horses and a desire to help others who share that passion. Too many businesses in the equine community are underrecognized for the high quality services and products they provide, while too many people new to the horse world face uncertainty and doubt as they seek to provide the best possible care for their horses.

Here at EBPM, we build a web of trust between all members of the equine community. For professionals of all kinds, that means standing up and making your commitment to integrity, trust, honesty, courtesy, fairness, and professionalism a matter of public record. The EBPM seal shows the world that you and your business is a cut above the rest, and tells your customers, with absolute confidence, that they can come to you and recieve the highest level of service.

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